Animated Explainer Videos Are No Doubt The Best Way To Grab And Keep The Attention Of Any Viewer.

iVidCo Is The Fast, Affordable Way To Get A Professional Animated Explainer Video That Will Grab The Attention Of Your Viewers. 

Let iVidCo create an incredible animated explainer video to entertain, engage and affect your viewers in a positive way

Can be used for any business, both online and brick and mortar 

Below are just a few examples of the videos we've created

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Did You Know People Have Less Of An Attention Span than....


It's hard to believe, but it's absolutely true, which makes it next to impossible to keeps someone's attention, especially on the Internet.

Because of that, we end up spending more advertising dollars and getting less than ideal results, especially in a crowed market. 

IN FACT, we are bombarded with close to 5,000 OR MORE advertising messages every single day.

So How Can Your Business GRAB 
A Prospects' ATTENTION?

You can grab their attention by creating engaging, easily digestible content. That's why animated explainer videos are so GREAT! 
They're entertaining and can be very informative as well, allowing your viewers to easily absorb the content.

Why Animated Explainer Videos



To Creating Highly Engaging, Super Sharable Content That Converts.

Explainer Videos Just Work Like Crazy!

Because cartoon videos are so engaging it draws your viewers in and helps them keep attention to your message and idea. They also lower resistance because they are so entertaining. 

They Educate Your Viewer

68% of consumers prefer to view a video about a product or a service rather than text alone. 
Animated Explainer Videos are not only entertaining but they will also inform your audience about a product or service.

They Explain Your Content.... FAST

If a picture is worth 1,000 words then a video has to be worth a 1,000,000 words. Getting your exact message across to your audience quickly is the key to success with any marketing campaign, and animated videos simply do the best job at that. 

Turn A Complex Subject Into Something Easily Understandable. 

Text alone might do the job to get your point across but when you combine that along with an explainer video you have a match made in heaven. It's so much easier to describe a complex subject with images and motion to help your audience better understand the subject matter at hand. 

Animated Videos Don't Feel Like Marketing 

Because we are all bombarded with so many marketing messages every single day many of us just "tune out" any ads. With a well-created explainer video, nobody feels like they are being sold something. It feels more like entertainment. 

Animated Videos Feel The Love 

A recent study showed that a massive 98% of consumers are willing to share a well-produced marketing video if it entertains them, and because these types of videos are so much fun to watch, people love to share them, giving you more bang for your marketing buck.  

The Biggest Brands In The World Rely On Animated Explainer Videos - No Matter What They Sell OR Who They Sell It To.

And do you know what all of these companies have in common?

Each of them has the money, resources, and expertise to use the best, most effective marketing tactics in the world … and they’ve ALL chosen to use animated explainer-style videos created by the pros.

WHY? Because they work extremely  well. 

After all, it’s pretty safe to say that YouTube, the largest video hosting site in the world, and the second largest search engine in the world, knows a little something about how to get views, likes, and shares.

Both Google & Youtube track hundreds of different metrics on what works and what doesn’t.

These companies have used those metrics to determine that animated explainer videos are a super-powerful way for Google to expand its reach, increase engagement, and improve conversions.

While of course that’s great news for big brands with unlimited budgets, it makes things really difficult if you’re a smaller fish in the pond.

Or at least, it used to, until iVidCo came along.






30 Second videos ....... $495
1 Minute Videos ......... $995
2 Minutes ........ $1995

While other companies may charge thousands of dollars for a one-minute video, iVidCo is committed to creating engaging animated videos at an affordable price,  so no matter how big your business is you can still get a awesome video a an great price. 

iVidCo's Videos Provide EVERYTHING You Need...


Just send us an outline or simply your website address and we craft the perfect message for your animated video.

Professional Voiceover

Our team of experienced professional voiceover artists will make your animation come alive.


Our characters will be customized specifically for your animated project and will be the perfect addition to the animation.

Fast Turnaround

iVidCo will get your video done fast! You'll get to see a first draft of your video in just days, not weeks. 

100% Guarantee

We know you're going to absolutely love your animated video and if you don't we'll work with you until you're happy!

Full HD Quality

Our videos are delivered in full HD 1080p Video quality, meaning you can use them not only online but also as a TV commercial, if you choose to. 

What Style Video Do You Want?

Cartoon Animation

This style of animated video is our most popular. More of a traditional type style of cartoon. Great for any product or service. 

Whiteboard Animation

This style of video can really keep the attention of the viewer and can be used especially well to describe complex subject matter. 

Corporate Animation

This style of video is great to use when showing charts and numbers. It has stylistic flattened look and fee. Can be used with any subject matter.

iVidCo Goes Beyond Just Creating Awesome Explainer Videos...

iVidCo uses a proprietary software that allows visitors on your website interact with your animated videos.

Increase Website Engagement

Imagine being able to interact with a video and offer choices to your viewers based on who they are.

Build An Email List

Our software allows you to actually collect emails and build your email list right inside of the video posted on your website.

Smart Redirect

Based on the choices your viewers have made within the video you can simply redirect them anywhere on your own website or any website on the Internet. This is a powerful way to increase sales.

42%-82% Higher Conversions