Explainer Videos for Business Under $500

Is it possible to get an explainer video created for under $500? 

The short answer is YES!
iVidCo can create an animated explainer video for your business for under $500. 
Just because the price is much lower than what most animation companies charge does not mean the video will be of low quality. In fact iVidCo has created hundreds of affordable explainer videos for all types of businesses and our customers are thrilled. 

We can create many different styles of animation from whiteboard animations to more of a cartoon style animation. 

Here is when the price can exceed the $500 price point.

When a customer wants a very specific character that needs to be designed from scratch the cost of the video is going to increase simply because of the time it takes to model the character and "rig" the character to be animated. 

If, however, a client is happy to use one of our pre-designed characters then the video can be created for under $500.

Why do other companies charge thousands for a one minute explainer video?

There are several companies that do charge thousands of dollars for an animated explainer video and there are a few reasons for that.

First, is probably overhead. Just like any business they most likely have an expensive office and perhaps several employees. This simply means they have to cover their expenses and they are happy to pass that cost on to you, the small business owner.

Also, the cost of advertising animated services online has gone through the roof. Again the animation company is happy to pass the cost onto the consumer. 

What Does A Low Cost Animated Explainer Video Look Like?

I can't speak for other animation production companies all I can do is how you what types of videos iVidCo has produced and you can decide if they look cheap or inexpensive. Just click here to see examples of our work. I think you'll agree that they're awesome!

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Here are just a couple examples of the videos we have created.

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