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Why You Should Be Using Video In ALL Of Your Marketing

With the rise of social media video has quickly become a necessity in any marketing effort online. Many marketers still aren’t using video as part of their digital marketing strategy despite the fact that so many people consume online videos on a daily basis and those companies who do use video maybe not seeing the results that they had hopped for.

100 Minutes

Viewers in 2021 will spend 100 minutes per day consuming online video content, up 19% from 2019, which stood at 84 minutes.

48% of Consumers Want Videos...

48% of consumers want videos to reflect the specific products and services they own or are interested in. They find videos to be valuable to their decision-making process.

B2C or B2B That is the question...

Although video is a powerful B2C tool, especially when teamed with social media, it is also being used more by B2B companies looking to increase leads and conversions. In fact, 41% of B2B marketers are interested in exploring how videos can be added to their marketing and sales strategies in 2020.

99% of Marketers

With an increase in ROI of online videos combined with the amount of time consumers are spending watching them, it’s hardly surprising that 99% of the marketers who are currently using videos will continue to do so in 2020. On top of this, 95% of these marketers expect to increase or maintain their current spend on video marketing.

66% Video Ads Were 30 Seconds Long By The End Of 2019

Though it may seem that people attention span has gotten shorter over the past decade, video advertisements have actually gotten longer. In the third quarter of 2019 a full 66% of advertising videos were at least 30 seconds in length.

Why do you need a video for your business?

  • Faster Presentations

    No need for pages of text to explain something a video can do in just a minute or two. Studies have shown that people retain 95% of the content of a video as opposed to just 10% of text alone.

  • Increase Your Opt-In & Sales

    It’s not unheard of to see a 250% increase in email opt-ins and sales when implementing great video in your sales process. Plus there’s an added option of actually lowering your advertising budget because of higher click through rates and conversions.

  • Lower Your Ad Spend

    Better engagement means a lower cost per click or action. Being able to grab a viewers attention on social media is becoming more difficult. Using video in your marketing can have a dramatic positive impact on your ad spend.

Why Choose iVidCo For Your Production?

  • Fast Turn-A-Round Time

    With a dedicated project manager your video can be produced in as little as 5 business days and sometimes less so you’re not waiting around for weeks for your production to be completed.

  • Best Quality

    We GUARANTEE 100% satisfaction. We work with every customer until your project is exactly how you want it. Just check out some of the reviews from our happy customers.

  • Professional Voiceovers

    We offer a wide range of voiceover actors for your project ranging from British English accent, Australian accent and American English accent in both female and male voices.

  • For Everybudget

    iVidco is not only one of the best video production companies for your animated explainer but we are also one of the most affordable options available. There no longer is a need to spend thousands of dollars on your one or two minute explainer video.


What Style Video Do You Want?

Our Most Popular Video Style Is The Animated Explainer


This Is How Our Process Works...

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This is what our customers have to say...

Yes! Very easy to work with, prompt communication and delivered 1 day ahead of schedule.


I didn't have an exact picture of how i wanted the video to be but iVidCo was able to take my idea and make it look way better than what i expected.

Exceeded my expectations, I honestly didn't realize how great the video was going to come out. I will be back for a second video soon. Thank you!


Professional, quick to implement, and exactly what I needed!

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iVidCo.com is an animated video production company based in the U.S. iVidCo specializes in animated explainer videos, whiteboard hand drawn videos, and corporate explainer videos. We offer a wide range of packages to meet any budget.

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