Do you need an animated explainer video

There are marketing messages bombarding us on a daily basis. Some estimates say we see between 3,000 – 5,000 marketing messages in a single day. That’s crazy!

So, with all of these ads in our faces every day single how do you get YOUR marketing message across to your prospects and get noticed?

The cost of paid online advertising is constantly getting higher as more and more businesses compete for eyeballs. It’s no longer enough just to put a pretty post out there and hope people will respond. You need an attention-grabbing formula that just works. That’s where animated explainer videos come in.

Animated explainer videos do three things really. They almost command the person to watch the video if the thumbnail is produced correctly and most importantly people just love watching cartoons. These types of cartoon videos, when done right, will not only entertain your audience, they will get the exact message you want across.

Another benefit of having an animated explainer video in your marketing is the fact that you will most likely see better prices on your CPC (cost per click) because there will be higher engagement with your ad, especially on social media.

Social media is a great platform to advertise on but most businesses do it completely wrong. You see, most folks visiting these sites are only there for entertainment so when you try to put anything in front of them that looks like and feels like an advertisement, they completely ignore you.

 You have to entertain in order to get the best ROI (return on investment) on your ad spend. What a better way to not only inform but to also entertain other than an animated explainer video?

The great news is there are so many styles of these animated videos to choose from. You have your typical cartoon looking animation but then there is also whiteboard animation in which a hand is actually drawing all of the characters while the narrator tells the folks what needs to be said. You have to admit that whiteboard explainer videos are pretty hard to look away from and there’s actually a phycological reason for that – completely beyond the scope of this article.

The point is this. Animated explainer videos just plain work better than your standard ad and they demand more engagement on your landing pages.

iVidCo is an animated explainer video company that produces professional explainer videos for any product or service you have available.

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